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Westerville Lacrosse Club 2018 Registration Fees

Age Group Club Fee US Lacrosse Membership** TOTAL
1st & 2nd Grade Boys and Girls $25 $30 $55
3rd & 4th Grade Boys $155 $30 $185
3rd & 4th Grade Girls $155 $30 $185
5th & 6th Grade Boys*** $170 $30 $200
5th & 6th Grade Girls*** $170 $30 $200
Middle School Boys*** $250 $30 $280
Middle School Girls*** $215 $30 $245


**US Lacrosse Membership is required for all players

***Baseline Concussion Testing is recommended for all players in 5th through 8th grades and is included as part of the Club Fee


Registration Fee FAQ

Q: What does my registration fee pay for?

A: Your registration fee covers the following:

- Referees (two for each game)
- Coach pay
- Uniforms
- Goalie equipment (stick, pads, helmet)
- Game / practice equipment (game and practice balls, cones, etc.)
- Coaches certification and education programs
- Field equipment (upkeep of goals, field lining paint, etc.)
- Entry fee for an end-of-the-season tournament

All of the above is primarily funded by your child's registration fee. Business sponsorships help to supplement registration fees, but the majority of the funds come from registration. Some of the above costs go up every year, but WLC works to stabilize costs over time. This year we are making a renewed effort to target and solicit local businesses for additional support. 

Q: Why is my child required to be a member of US Lacrosse in order to participate in the Westerville Lacrosse Club?

A: US Lacrosse provides accidental medical insurance coverage for all US Lacrosse members if they are injured while participating in lacrosse activities. This insurance coverage is different and separate from any personal insurance policy you may already have. Additionally, this insurance is a mandatory requirement for the Westerville Lacrosse Club to operate as it provides liability coverage for our club (all players and coaches must be members). In addition to the on-the-field insurance coverage, US Lacrosse membership includes many other benefits including a subscription to US Lacrosse magazine, how-to videos, articles and clinics, and members-only discounts on event tickets, gear and apparel.